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Unhitched: The Trial of Christopher Hitchens (CANCELLED)

This event has been cancelled due to the manhunt for the Patriots’ Day murderers, which has temporarily shut down the city. 

Comrades, Boston will persevere.

Presentation and Q&A with author Richard Seymour

Chris Hitchens photo

Chris Hitchens

6:30PM April 19, 2013 Encuentro 5/TecsChange 9B Hamilton Place, Ste 2A Boston MA 02108 Park St T Stop – Hamilton place is the alley with the Orpheum Theatre at the end of it – one block toward Govt. Ctr beyond Winter St.  2nd buzzer from the bottom This event is free and open to the public. See Facebook Event Page. Join Richard Seymour, one of Britain’s leading young radical intellectuals and principal contributor to the popular blog, Lenin’s Tomb, for a discussion of his recent book, Unhitched: The Trial of Christopher Hitchens. In his younger years, a career-minded socialist, Hitchens emerged from the smoke of 9/11 a neoconservative “Marxist,” an advocate of America’s invasion of Iraq filled with passionate intensity. Throughout his life, he played the role of universal gadfly, whose commitment to the truth transcended the party line as well as received wisdom. But how much of this was imposture? In this highly critical study, Richard Seymour casts a cold eye over the career of the “Hitch” to uncover an intellectual trajectory determined by expediency and a fetish for power, which is also a cautionary tale for our times. RICHARD SEYMOUR: One of Britain’s leading young radical intellectuals, Richard is the principal contributor to Lenin’s Tomb (, one of the UK’s most popular blogs. A regular columnist for the Guardian, Seymour is also the author four books, most recently “American Insurgents: A Brief History of American Anti-Imperialism” (Haymarket 2012) and “Unhitched: The Trial of Christopher Hitchens” (Verso 2013). He is a founding member of the International Socialist Network. Verso Books page on this event: Facebook event: Sponsored by: Verso Books Haymarket Books Encuentro 5 Mass Global Action Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture Series Open Media Boston Democratic Socialists of America International Socialist Organization

Author and former Boston DSAer Peter Dreier on Boston Tour

Peter Dreier

Peter Dreier was an active Boston DSA member in the 1980s when he taught at Tufts.  He served for nine years as Director of Housing at the Boston Redevelopment Authority and senior policy advisor to Boston Mayor Ray Flynn, before moving to Occidental College in Los Angeles, where he is Director of the Urban and Environmental Policy Department.  Peter will give several talks in Boston area next week based on his book: The 100 Greatest Americans of the 20th Century: A Social Justice Hall of Fame.     The schedule is: Monday, April 22 at 4PM. – Brandeis University. Rapaporte Treasure Hall in Goldfarb Library. Tuesday, April 23 at 3PM – Boston University. CAS, Room B36, 725 Commonwealth Avenue. Tuesday April 23 at 7PM Jamaica Plain Forum. First Parish Church, 6 Eliot Street in Jamaica Plain. Wednesday, April 24 at 6PM – Harvard University. Kennedy School of Government, (Room to be determined) The book on amazon: Dreier on Tavis Smiley: Dreier on Huff Post:

4/16 Tax Day Rally and March – CANCELLED!

The Tax Day Rally that was scheduled for tomorrow (April 16) at the Tip O’Neill Federal Building has been cancelled because of today’s bombings in Boston. Our hearts go out to those who were injured or lost their lives in that terrible event, and to their friends, families and loved ones. 

********************************************************************************** We’re paying our taxes! Why are vital services being cut? Why is the President proposing cuts to Social Security and Medicare?

$100 bill

Ben Franklin

Budget cutters in Washington have already slashed Meals on Wheels, Head Start, Housing, Education, Fuel Assistance, Unemployment, Health Programs, AIDS Housing, and family violence prevention. Now the President wants to cut even more vital programs.   But there is an alternative.

1. End Corporate Tax Breaks!

Very high income people and giant corporations get hundreds of billions of dollars a year in tax breaks through loopholes and offshore tax shelters. The CEOs of Bank of America, Citibank, and Verizon are key members of Fix the Debt, a corporate group pushing for big cuts in critical public programs and even lower corporate taxes.

2. Redirect Pentagon Spending to Jobs and Vital programs for People!

The US war budget is greater than the military spending of the next 10 largest military powers combined. Much of it funds destructive wars like Iraq, wasteful weapons systems like the F-35, and keeping us in Afghanistan for years to come.

Join us on Tax Day, to say: Stop the Cuts! Rally & March 11:00 am Tuesday April 16 Tip O’Neill Federal Building, 10 Causeway Street (Map) DSA Members gather at 10:30 at the Dunkin Donuts across the street corner of Lancaster St.

Boston DSA is a member of the Budget for All coalition. Budget for All! 11 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138 – 617-354-2169

SEIU Organizes Boston Rally and March for Immigrant Rights

Immigration Rally at Faneuil Hall, Boston

Immigration Rally at Faneuil Hall

By Paul Garver.  Reblogged from Talking Union.  Originally posted April 7,2012. Some 800 immigrants and their supporters rallied at Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall on April 6 to demand comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship. The lively and boisterous rally was organized primarily by SEIU and allied community organizations including Jobs with Justice , MassUniting and MIRA (Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition). SEIU Local 615 President Rocio Saenz,  herself an immigrant from Mexico and a veteran of SEIU’s Justice for Janitors campaigns, led the rally. She spoke eloquently of the integral connection of immigrant rights with union rights and human rights.  She also introduced supportive speakers Sen. Elizabeth Warren and new Mass. Congressman Joseph Kennedy III. Perhaps the most moving speakers were four immigrants of varying ages and countries of origin, one of them herself an Executive Board member of Local 615. who had suffered lengthy separations from their families and loved ones because of arbitrary regulations governing immigration.   No immigration reform issue appeared more important and pressing than easing family reunification. The population of Massachusetts includes about 320,000 residents with green cards, and another estimated 180,000 without legal permission.  ICE raids remain a constant threat in many Mass. workplaces, as evidenced by raids such as one in New Bedford.   The JFK Federal Building that looms over Fanueil Hall has been the locus of many court-ordered deportations of hard-working residents and family members whose only “crime” was overstaying visas or entering without papers. From the rally everyone took to the streets to march to the Federal Building to lay carnations as symbols of determination to win immigration reform this time.  Since the Federal Building was only a block away, we took an hour’s long detour assisted by a marching band through downtown historic and shopping districts to get there.  For this day at least, the onlookers were friendly, the police cooperative and amicable. The atmosphere was hopeful and festive. with numerous chants of Si se puede! The time has come to reclaim the best American tradition of openness to and inclusion of immigrants.

The Crisis of Student Debt – Audio Podcast

with Jackie Sewell of Young Democratic Socialists

Listen! Podcast

Four years ago, debt, in the form of unsustainable mortgage lending, crashed the entire global economy. Crises of debt are looming in at least four other economic sectors, also: credit card debt, as people struggle to stay afloat in a “jobless recovery”; health care debt, caused by rising health care costs and a predatory private insurance system, and student debt. College costs are rising rapidly, and state and federal government support for higher education has been slashed, resulting in been a generation of college graduates staggering under a crippling burden of debt. Jackie Sewell is the National Youth Organizer for DSA’s youth section, Young Democratic Socialists. She was recently interviewed on the topic of Student Debt on Occupy Boston Radio’s Free School University program. You can listen to or download an audio recording of the program at the Free School University blog.