5/11 Tell Gap: End Deathtrap Factories!

Saturday, May 11, 2013 – 12:00pm GAP, 200 State St. (Faneuil Hall GAP – Map) Boston, MA Many of the 5000 garment factories in Bangladesh fail to meet basic safety standards. Workers in these deathtrap factories are at risk every day they go to work. The Gap and its subsidiaries are among the largest producers in Bangladesh. Since 2005, close to 1,400 Bangladeshi workers have died in entirely preventable factory fires and building collapses. Gap is a major producer in Bangladesh and factory workers and their unions are urging Gap to sign on to the legally-binding Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement. This agreement would hold Gap accountable to the workers who make their apparel as well as their relatives who fear for the lives of their family members on a daily basis. Join us on Saturday to call on the Gap to sign on to the Agreement and show respect to the factory workers who produce its apparel! Sign the petition and learn more at www.gapdeathtraps.com/