About Boston DSA

Democratic Socialists of America is the largest and most exciting democratic socialist organization in the United States. DSA has claimed the allegiance of such notable proponents of social change as Michael Harrington, Cornel West, and Barbara Ehrenreich, as well as thousands of members less well known, but no less dedicated. Members of DSA work in immediate struggles for social justice, as we build a movement for long-term social change. We bring to our work a strategy for building alliances among social movements and a vision of a more just and equitable society. In DSA, we recognize each person’s inalienable rights of freedom and equality, and reject intrusion both by government and corporations. However, we believe we have a contract with each other in a common society. We call ourselves socialists because we oppose exploitation of all kinds, whether based on class, race or gender. We believe cooperation is a more important principle for organizing our communities than competition. We believe in democratic principles in all areas of life: in our government, in our communities, in our jobs. And in our own organization! We welcome lively debate, encourage free thought, and reject dogmatic thinking. Boston DSA is one of more than 30 local DSA organizations around the nation. The Boston local is active throughout Massachusetts in progressive political initiatives such as tax justice and single payer health care, and works with friends in the labor movement to defend worker’s rights. We regularly hold forums on issues ranging from third-party politics to health care reform to foreign policy, and frequently offer short courses such as member Noam Chomsky‘s sold-out series on “The New World Order”. Boston DSA was the convening organization of the Committee on Economic Insecurity, which brought 1/2 the state’s Congressional delagation and nearly 1,000 spectators to historic Faneuil Hall in January 1996 to hear testimony from a diverse group promoting a progressive economic agenda. Boston DSA is currently active in the Mass Alliance (the Massachusetts coalition for progressive electoral politics), Mass-Care (the Massachusetts Campaign for Single Payer Health Care), and Eastern Massachusetts Jobs with Justice (see Links page).