Donate To DSA!!

Boston DSA runs a tight ship. Everything that we do in the local is accomplished with volunteer labor – but we do have expenses. Spaces that can fit the 75 to 200 people eager to participate in each of our meetings cost money. To be accessible to all of you, we need to maintain our web presence, email addresses, and post office box. We need to print more flyers and handouts; we have additional costs for other “consumables” like easel pads for meeting notes, buttons, and other outreach items. We’ve had to purchase new banners, a folding table for events and tabling, and more. As we continue to grow, our expenses will only grow along with us.

Your DSA local is entirely funded by local donations from people like you. Member dues paid to DSA go to support the important work of the national organization, they do NOT come back to directly support local work. Your donation can empower your Boston DSA local to organize and respond to the challenges and opportunities presented in today’s political climate.

Capitalists continue to invest in an oppressive and inhumane political order. Your gift to Boston DSA weakens their power and increases that of working people everywhere.

You can send us a check at:

Democratic Socialists of America
P.O. Box 571
Watertown MA 02471

You can download a donation slip to accompany your donation, here. If you have a Venmo account, you can use the app to donate to Venmo user "Boston_DSA".

A Note on Tax-deductiblity

Donations to Boston DSA are not tax-deductible. If you need tax-deductibility, you can also donate online to DSA Fund at the national level. DSA Fund does important work; however, a donation to the fund will not directly support the work that Boston DSA does locally.