Re-Organizing Boston DSA

WHEN:   Saturday, January 23, 2016
PLACE: 111 Perkins Street, Jamaica Plain, Apt. #200, 20th Floor*
TIME: 1-3 pm

Thanks to the Sanders campaign, thousands of Americans are becoming interested in Democratic Socialism—and Greater Boston is no exception. Throughout the country, DSA members old and new have been taking advantage of this upsurge to build new DSA locals, and rejuvenate old ones.

Would you like to see a more active and effective Boston local of Democratic Socialists of America? Most importantly, ARE YOU WILLING TO HELP?

Join us to help figure out What Is To Be Done… and how we can do it.

All DSA members or potential members are welcome.

*111 Perkins Street is also known as the Jamaicaway Tower apartment building, located near the intersection of Perkins St. and Jamaica Way. Park in the Tower parking lot or adjacent streets; mass transit access not far away (S. Huntington)

DSA Debate Watch Party!

WHEN:Saturday, December 19
PLACE:111 Perkins Street, Jamaica Plain, Apt. #200, 20th Floor
TIME:7 pm Undercard—drink, eat, socialize (BYOB)
 8 pm Main Event—Clinton vs. Sanders vs. O’Malley

Join Boston Democratic Socialists of America for this next Democratic Presidential debate; then remain afterwards to practice some of your pundit skills, or just keep socializing. Although we have endorsed Bernie Sanders, supporters of other candidates are more than welcome—especially since this is also a mini-DSA fundraiser. We’re asking for a $20 donation for those who can afford it, but no one will be turned away.

RSVP Nancy Goldner: 111 Perkins St. is also known as the Jamaicaway Tower apartment building, located at the intersection of Perkins St. & Jamaica Way. There is ample parking in the Tower parking lot or adjacent streets, plus mass transit access not far away.

Bernie vs. Hillary photo

Bernie vs. Hillary

Join DSA at the 12-12 Climate Rally!

When:   between 12:30 and 12:45, Saturday 12/12/15
Where: on the Public Garden side of Tremont St across from Avery St (between Park and Boylston Green Line Stations)

Climate Rally

Climate Rally

From November 29 to December 12, world leaders will meet in Paris to negotiate a new global climate treaty.  On December 12, people will come together from every corner of New England to call for bold climate solutions that create secure union jobs, strengthen community power and help build a more resilient future. 

Meet up with other DSAers before the rally so we can get to know one another, and attend as a group.

For more information on the rally, see:

DSA will meet between 12:30 and 12:45 on the Public Garden side of Tremont St across from Avery St (between Park and Boylston Green Line Stations).  The rally begins at the Bandstand at 1:00 pm and is scheduled to run to 3:00.

Taking Back What We Already Own

 A Forum On Social Ownership

Marjorie Kelly
Senior Fellow,
The Democracy Collaborative

Author of Owning our Future: The Emerging Ownership Revolution and The Divine Right of Capital

with Nancy Goldner
Co-Chair, Hub Public Bank

and Julie Matthaei
Co-Coordinator of Boston Area Solidarity Economy Network (BASEN)

September 25
6:30-9 PM (doors open at 6)

Encuentro 5
9A Hamilton Place (near Park Street Station T Stop)

Break Out groups and time for discussion

Sponsored by:

Hub Public Banking, BASEN, Boston Chapter, Democratic Socialists of America, the Democracy Collaborative, Massachusetts Global Action, Alliance for Democracy

Download PDF Flyer HERE.

CONGRESS: Just Say “No” to TPP Fast Track! And “Yes” to US-Iran Nuclear Agreement

President Obama is now trying to push through fast track legislation to help pass his Trans-Pacific Partnership, the latest NAFTA‐style “free‐trade” treaty Congress is expected to vote on this year. But the TPP negotiations themselves have been kept secret from the vast majority of the American people, although enough has leaked out to recognize this new trade deal as pretty much the same old NAFTA/ CAFTA snake oil.

TPP would continue the 30 year neo-liberal project of pressing down wages and outsourcing jobs, while allowing global corporations to legally challenge financial, environmental, labor, food safety and pharmaceutical regulations enacted by governments, even democratically elected ones like our own—even city councils! These disputes could then be taken before unelected panels of international corporate trade lawyers to recoup lost “potential profits”. So TPP seems to be just the latest attempt to transfer power from governments to private capital.
But with mounting opposition from labor, environmentalists, family farmers and locally owned small business, there’s still a chance we can strangle this monster in the crib. Consult the following websites for background information:, then call Senators Markey & Warren and your representative (202‐224‐3121).

Opponents of President Obama’s breakthrough negotiations with Iran to limit its nuclear program have been urging additional sanctions on that nation ever since the talks began in December, 2013. A bill proposed by Senators Menendez (D‐NJ) and Kirk (R‐IL) even promised US political, economic and military support to Israel whenever Netanyahu chose to attack Iran (S.1881). But the Iranians have made it clear that passage of any additional sanctions during the negotiations will end the talks then and there—which seems to be what much of the Congressional opposition wants anyway. As do similar hardliners in Tehran, the governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia, and various Sunni extremist groups including ISIS and Al Qaeda.
But repudiating US–Iran negotiations would undermine Iranian moderates while increasing the likelihood of a US–Israeli attack, leading to more regional chaos, terrorism and nuclear proliferation. Thanks to opposition from Obama, S.1881 and similar legislation seems to be on hold, at least for the moment, and Boston DSA has joined with Peace Action and others to make sure it stays that way. The ultimate solution is still an internationally enforced treaty for a nuclear‐free Mid‐East, but this US–Iran accord is at least a promising beginning.
For more information visit, then call Senators Warren & Markey and your Congressperson (202‐224‐3121) to tell them: Speak out against new sanctions! Don’t sabotage the US–Iran talks!

Fast Food & Beyond: Labor’s Fight Against Inequality

low_wage_jobsApril DSA Forum:

WHEN: NEW DATE Thursday, May 14, 2015

WHERE: 9 Hamilton Place, Boston (Encuentro 5)—across the street from Park St. T stop

SPEAKERS: Gillian Mason—Jobs with Justice; Carl Nilsson—Fight For 15

According to the anti-poverty charity Oxfam, the top 1% will soon own more wealth than most of the rest of the world combined. Senator Bernie Sanders notes that the six heirs to the Wal- Mart fortune are richer than the bottom 40% of the American people. Meanwhile U.S. wages have been stagnating since the 1970s, and the standard of living for much of the working and middle class has actually declined. And now economic inequality has become so difficult to ignore even Republicans have taken notice.

 So what to do about it? Proposals range from Obama’s mildly progressive tax reforms and expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit, to doubling down on the same neo-liberal economic policies that helped bring about this decline in the first place—like Obama’s proposed new trade agreement. (A partisan of “bi-partisanship,” the President seems to have a foot in each camp.)

 But one party often ignored in these political and policy debates has more of an interest in fighting inequality and more capacity to do so than anyone else: the labor movement. Our speakers will assess union struggles here and abroad, and in particular the current efforts of local fast food workers to organize for a living wage against Big Food.

 Gillian Mason is development coordinator for the Student Debt Campaign at Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, a leading advocate for social justice since 1987, and has also led JWJ efforts in health care and higher education. Previously Gillian worked with MoveOn.Org’s Boston Council and the Jamaica Plain Forum, a project of the Institute for Policy Studies.

 Carl Nilsson works on the Fight For 15 campaign to raise the wages of low income workers; last year he was a key leader of Raise Up Massachusetts, which helped pass the paid sick leave referendum. Carl has also been a stand-up comic, an organizer with MA Neighbor to Neighbor, Barack Obama’s 2008 MA field director, and has held similar positions with the campaigns of Governor Patrick in 2010 and Senator Ed Markey in 2013.

Download a PDF flyer HERE.

Bernie Sanders—2016?

Democratic Socialists of America November Forum

Bernie Sanders—2016?

WHEN: Thursday, Nov. 13, 7:30 pm

WHERE: 9 Hamilton Place, Boston
SPEAKERS: J. Michael Gilbreath, Progressive Democrats of America; Paul Garver, Democratic Socialists of America

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has joined the list of candidates considering a Presidential run in 2016, asking his supporters throughout the country whether it should be in the Democratic primaries or as an independent in November. Both Progressive Democrats of America and DSA are on record urging the former course, but others disagree. In any case, the prospect of a Sanders presidential campaign has excited many on the left as an alternative to Hillary Clinton, but also raises many questions—so let’s talk about it.

J. Michael Gilbreath is a leader in the MA chapter of Progressive Democrats of America. PDA was founded in 2004 out of the losing presidential campaigns of Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean, and works to transform the Democratic Party on issues like voting rights, full employment, national health care and protecting Social Security.

Paul Garver is a retired international labor organizer who worked for many years in the food and beverages department of the IUF, a global federation of trade unions based in Geneva, Switzerland.  He serves on DSA’s National Political Committee, and co-edits Talking Union, DSA’s labor blog.

Preceding the forum at 6:30 pm there will be a meeting of the Boston DSA Exec Board, open to all members.


6/8/14 Honoring Jake Schlitt and Cecily McMIllan

Boston DSA Debs-Thomas-Bernstein Awards Reception

Date: Sunday, June 8
Time: Social 3 PM; Program 4 PM
Place: Workmen’s Circle, 1762 Beacon Street, Brookline
More Information: 617-982-3033

Join us at Boston DSA’s annual awards reception, this year honoring two activists separated by six decades but united in the cause of social justice — Jacob Schlitt and Cecily McMillan

Jacob Schlitt

Jacob Schlitt

JACOB SCHLITT has been a labor, civil rights, Jewish community and democratic socialist activist since the 1940s.  He has been an organizer for the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, a staffer for the Jewish Labor Committee, and a volunteer with the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters for the historic 1963 March on Washington.  In 1973 Jake participated in the founding convention of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee, which later evolved into DSA.

Cecily McMillan

Cecily McMillan

CECILY McMILLAN also began her activism early on, mobilizing her Atlanta high school classmates against the Iraq war. In 2011, Cecily participated in the uprising against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union policies, and joined DSA. After moving to NYC she was one of the initiators of Occupy Wall Street.  Cecily has recently been convicted of an alleged assault on policeman during a 2012 NYC Occupy rally; if she’s unable to attend the reception, heraward will be accepted by her defense committee (

For Democratic Socialists of America’s statement on the conviction of Cecily McMillan, go to

Admission to the reception is $35 ($15 for low income, or whatever you can afford), which includes hors d’oeurves and an open bar.

Download a PDF FLYER with more details, including information on program book greetings and sponsorships HERE.

Honorary Chairs for DSA Awards Reception

FORMER CONGRESSMAN BARNEY FRANK; REP. RUTH BALSER; SEN. PATRICIA JEHLEN; DICK BAUER—Co-Chair, New England Jewish Labor Committee; ARTHUR BERNSTEIN—former YPSL, brother of Julius; JULES BERNSTEIN—labor attorney; SHEILA DECTER—Director, Jewish Alliance for Social Action; ELLEN FEINGOLD—former Director, Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly; MICHAEL FELSEN—past president, Workmen’s Circle;SHELAGH FOREMAN—Director, Massachusetts Peace Action; DAVID HARRIS—Managing Director, Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, Harvard Law School; GEORGIA HOLLISTER ISMAN—Director, Mass Alliance; JOHN McDONOUGH—Director, Center for Public Health Leadership, Harvard School of Public Health; RABBI BARBARA PENZER—Co-Chair, New England Jewish Labor Committee; STEVEN TOLMAN, President, Massachusetts AFL-CIO; RAND WILSON—Communications and Policy Director, SEIU Local 888

 *affiliation given for identification purposes only

Congressman Joe Moakley and El Salvador at 4/10 Boston DSA meeting

photo of book cover

Joe Moakley’s Journey

Rescheduled from our 2/13 meeting, which was cancelled because of a winter storm.

DSA member Mark Schneider will discuss his latest book, Joe Moakley’s Journey: From South Boston to El Salvador,  the first biography of South Boston’s popular, long serving congressman, Joe Moakley. 

The book focuses on the personal and political awakening Moakley experienced when he was tasked with investigating the brutal murders of six Jesuit priests and their housekeepers in 1989 in El Salvador – a massacre the Bush administration was eager to blame on the leftist rebels.   Moakley discovered otherwise, and from that day on the people of El Salvador never had a better friend in the U.S. than the South Boston Congressman.   Issues of Central American justice, peace, and economic development became Joe Moakley’s cause from that day until his death in 2001.

“Mark Robert Schneider’s new book, Joe Moakley’s Journey, is a fine account of Congressman John Joseph Moakley’s personal and political journey progression from “meat and potatoes” neighborhood politician to human rights crusader. It is basically a political story, and the strength of Schneider’s account comes in its skillful balancing of Moakley’s local loyalties with his international interests.”—the Boston Globe

You can find more information on the book at the publisher’s web site:

We will also hear a report from Carol Pryor on behalf of the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES).

The talk is cosponsored by the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) and Massachusetts Peace Action.

2nd Thursday of (almost) every month.
7:00 to 7:30 pm Business meeting (Exec. Brd mtg – members welcome)
7:30 to 9:00 pm Activist meeting & Book Talk

at Encuentro 5/TecsChange
9B Hamilton Place, Ste 2A, Boston MA 02108 (MAP)
Park St T Stop – Hamilton place is the alley with the Orpheum Theatre at the end of it – one block toward Govt. Ctr beyond Winter St.
2nd buzzer from the bottom

The Hub Public Bank – An Alternative Democratic Economic Vision (March 13 Activist Mtg)

Grinning Piggy Bank

Why Bank With Pigs?

The City of Boston has $1.2 billion on deposit with the nefarious Bank of America, US Trust (a subsidiary of  Bank of America) and Citizens Bank, a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland.  Why should  “too big to fail banks”  who brought about the economic collapse of 2008  continue to be depositories for our public money?  There is an alternative  –  depositing our public money in a public bank owned by the people of Boston. 

The Speaker
  DSA member Nancy Goldner will introduce the concept of a public bank as a transformative pathway toward a more democratic, accountable  and community oriented use of our public money. She is also a member of the Pubic Bank Working Group whose mission it is to establish the Hub Public Bank.

Meeting times (March 13, 2014):
7:00 to 8:00 pm Business meeting (Exec. Brd mtg – members welcome)
8:00 to 9:00 pm Activist meeting (with presentation – open to the public)

Encuentro 5/TecsChange
9B Hamilton Place, Ste 2A, Boston MA 02108 (MAP)
Park St T Stop – Hamilton place is the alley with the Orpheum Theatre at the end of it – one block toward Govt. Ctr beyond Winter St.
2nd buzzer from the bottom