One thought on “Socialism 101

  1. John McHugh

    I would like to become more involved and active in DSA.
    One of my interests, being a teacher by trade, is to offer, with others,
    classes for new members, using group pedagogies of Michael Harrington,
    Paulo Freire, Ivan Illich, Howard Zinn, and others onsubjects like:
    a People’s History of the US and As,
    an Economics for Socialism, and/or
    a social/labor history of the Peoples of the Americas.
    Such programs would critically reflect on the relationship
    between the white male political system and the racist, nationalist, exclusivist, and capitalist education we received, and now reject in favor of an education that does not leave any group out and promotes on-going critical reflection regarding the class warfare capitalism needs to maintain the 1% wealth rate that is so disgraceful about this country. If you already have programs like these, I would love to contribute. If not I think educating those who are joining us is the first step in opposition to and protest of the new dictatorship of the 1% that comes to power next month.
    John McHUgh


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