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DSA/D&S Movie Night

Democratic Socialists of America, Boston and the Dollars and Sense Collective present: 

The Wealth of Nations: A New Gospel

Date:   January 12, 2017
Place:  Encuentro 5, 9A Hamilton Place, Boston, MA 02108-4701 (Near Park St. T)
Time:  7 PM

Discussant:  Autumn Beaudoin of Dollars and Sense

Disconnecting Adam Smith the economist from Adam Smith the moral philosopher has led to tragic distortions that have profoundly shaped our global economic system, as well as a complete misrepresentation of what Smith meant by a “free market.”  

“The Wealth of Nations: A New Gospel”, part of documentary series on capitalism,  shows how a



misinterpretation of Adam Smith has led to distortions that have tragically shaped our global economic system.  The underpinnings of contemporary capitalism lie in an ideology born in the 19th century; one which privileges greed over other equally deep-seated human drives.   Smith did not favor a completely unregulated free market – in fact, he thought it would be disastrous.

The film features interviews with Noam Chomsky, economist Ha-Joon Chang, and Smith biographer Nicholas Phillipson, as well as archival footage of free market ideologues such as Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman.

Autumn Beaudoin believes that educating individuals about their personal finances is the first step in creating awareness around the ways in which the current capitalist financial industry is exploitative of the individual. In their role on the Dollars and Sense collective, Autumn directly engages in creating awareness of the necessity to change our current political and economic systems of oppression.

Film courtesy of Icarus Films.

Report from the “People’s Summit” and upcoming meeting with Sanders’ Democratic Convention delegates!

By Rand Wilson

The People’s Summit

About 3,000 Bernie Sanders supporters met in Chicago from June 17 to 19 searching for the way forward to continue the Political Revolution and fight against the takeover of government by the “billionaire class.” Despite Hillary Clinton’s apparent victory in the primaries and likely nomination, the mood at the People’s Summit was very upbeat. Most of the people at the conference clearly felt that through the Sanders Campaign we have achieved something very important.

The main conference organizers — National Nurses United and National People’s Action — had a highly structured agenda which somewhat limited discussion and participation. The conference reflected the Sanders’ movement, but it didn’t provide a direction for the future.  It was about vision, not organization or strategy.

Many of the speakers implied their support for Clinton — but did not state it outright. More explicit was the need to keep building the movement for “down ballot” candidates who embrace the Sanders’ platform.  There were no resolutions. It was not the founding convention of anything, but rather an opportunity to share perspectives and ideas for the future. 

The conference showed how all of the social movements could come together to create a larger political movement with a comprehensive program for social change.  The thorny question of whether and how to do that, within or outside of the Democratic Party remained the key unanswered question.  DSA leaders and members were highly visible throughout the weekend. For more on the conference from a DSA member click here.  

Rand Wilson & Comrades at the People's Summit

Rand Wilson & Comrades at the People’s Summit

June 28 meeting with Sanders’ Democratic Convention delegates

In April and May of this year, 45 Congressional District and At-Large pledged delegates were elected to support Bernie Sanders at the 2016 National Democratic Convention in Philadelphia from July 25 to 28.

The state Democratic Party has provided us with something usually lacking on the left: Instead of self-appointed leaders, we now have a diverse, statewide group of 45 elected representatives committed to the Sanders’ platform. It would be a very exciting prospect if after the election these delegates could serve as leaders of a network in Massachusetts dedicated to continuing the “political revolution” with the support of the Sanders campaign and access to its large list of donors.

All Bernie Sanders’ supporters are urged to attend a meeting on June 28 at the Ironworkers Local 7 with the many of these elected convention delegates. This meeting will also be an opportunity to strategize about plans for activities both inside and outside the national convention as well as deepen our collective discussion about the future.

Rand Wilson is an elected delegate from the 7th Congressional District.  He works for SEIU Local 888 and has volunteered with the Labor for Bernie network.  

Download a PDF flyer for the June 28 meeting HERE.

Political Revolution Tour 2016 – Somerville


Crossfit Somerville
35 Prospect Street, Somerville MA 02143
(btwn. Webster & Somerville Aves.)

Saturday, February 20th
1-3pm (followed by canvass)

As the rise in popularity of Bernie Sanders over the last six months has confirmed , American Voters are excited about the possibility of a Sanders presidency. Despite the stigma once attached to his identification with Democratic Socialism, he continues to surge in the polls, raise record-breaking amounts of grassroots donations and draw tens of thousands to volunteer and attend events. Sanders is calling, explicitly, for a “political revolution.” But what does that mean? Join us as we bring activists together to discuss the nature and limits of the U.S. political system, the power of democratic socialist ideas and how we can build a long lasting political movement to fight for radical change. Somerville for Bernie will lead a canvass in Somerville directly following the training.

more info:
Download PDF Flyer HERE.


Re-Organizing Boston DSA

WHEN:   Saturday, January 23, 2016
PLACE: 111 Perkins Street, Jamaica Plain, Apt. #200, 20th Floor*
TIME: 1-3 pm

Thanks to the Sanders campaign, thousands of Americans are becoming interested in Democratic Socialism—and Greater Boston is no exception. Throughout the country, DSA members old and new have been taking advantage of this upsurge to build new DSA locals, and rejuvenate old ones.

Would you like to see a more active and effective Boston local of Democratic Socialists of America? Most importantly, ARE YOU WILLING TO HELP?

Join us to help figure out What Is To Be Done… and how we can do it.

All DSA members or potential members are welcome.

*111 Perkins Street is also known as the Jamaicaway Tower apartment building, located near the intersection of Perkins St. and Jamaica Way. Park in the Tower parking lot or adjacent streets; mass transit access not far away (S. Huntington)

DSA Debate Watch Party!

WHEN:Saturday, December 19
PLACE:111 Perkins Street, Jamaica Plain, Apt. #200, 20th Floor
TIME:7 pm Undercard—drink, eat, socialize (BYOB)
 8 pm Main Event—Clinton vs. Sanders vs. O’Malley

Join Boston Democratic Socialists of America for this next Democratic Presidential debate; then remain afterwards to practice some of your pundit skills, or just keep socializing. Although we have endorsed Bernie Sanders, supporters of other candidates are more than welcome—especially since this is also a mini-DSA fundraiser. We’re asking for a $20 donation for those who can afford it, but no one will be turned away.

RSVP Nancy Goldner: nan.goldner@gmail.com. 111 Perkins St. is also known as the Jamaicaway Tower apartment building, located at the intersection of Perkins St. & Jamaica Way. There is ample parking in the Tower parking lot or adjacent streets, plus mass transit access not far away.

Bernie vs. Hillary photo

Bernie vs. Hillary

7/14 Boston Democratic Socialists of America Members’ Meeting & Summer Bar-BQ

Happy Bastille Day!

Celebrate Bastille Day with DSA!

Sunday, July 14
2:30 – 3:00 pm Gather
3:00 pm (sharp) Meeting begins
4:30 or so Barbeque (Pot luck)

Join us for good talk, good food, and camaraderie.  Proposed discussion topics for the members’ meeting include…

Bangladesh workers’ solidarity:  Boston DSA has been joining in rallies in support of justice for garment workers in Bangladesh who have been killed in factory fires and a catastrophic collapse.  Litu Kabir of the Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia and the Boston-based Bangladesh Workers’ Solidarity Network will be on hand to fill us in on what is happening and what the campaign is about, and get the discussion started.

Massachusetts 5th CD Race:  Now that (DSA-endorsed candidate) Ed Markey will be the new U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, there will be another special election for his Congressional seat.  There is promising to be a crowded field of Democratic Primary candidates, several with fairly solid progressive credentials.  Do you have a favorite?  Come prepared to tell us who, and why, as we kick off a preliminary discussion as a prelude to a possible DSA endorsement in late July or August.

It is also possible that we will have somebody on hand to tell us what is happening over the summer with organizing fast food workers.

Location: 24 Bridge St., Newton MA 02458

 Directions are HERE.  We can pick people up at Watertown Sq. between 1:45 and 2:15 or so (earlier if necessitated by transit schedules) – call 617-448-5341.  Child care can possibly be arranged for the meeting portion (only) if requested at least 4-5 days in advance.  Same number or email webmaster@dsaboston.org.

 Interested non-members are welcome.


June 7 – Honoring Jennifer Doe, Shelagh Foreman & Andi Mullin

Democratic Socialists of America 2013 Awards Reception

DATE: Friday, June 7: 6:00 pm Social, 7:00 pm Program
PLACE: 58 Berkeley Street, Somerville
MORE INFORMATION: 617-354-5078

Boston DSA is proud to honor three of Boston’s best activists:
» Jennifer Doe retiring from Jobs with Justice
» Shelagh Foreman Program Director of Massachusetts Peace Action
» Andi Mullin, Director of the Campaign for Our Communities

Honorary Event Chairs:
Brian Corr, Cambridge Peace Commission*
Harris Gruman, SEIU*
Rep. Denise Provost
Rand Wilson, SEIU Local 888*
*affiliation given for identification purposes only.

Jennifer Doe has spent the last 10 years as an organizer for Jobs With Justice, primarily responsible for worker organizing and labor support. Prior to that she monitored and recovered workers’ back wages in Worcester County for the Foundation for Fair Contracting, organized Community and Political Outreach for the Pioneer Valley Building Trades, and headed Research and Strategic Campaigns for the Laborers’ Union Eastern Region.

Shelagh Foreman is Program Director of Massachusetts Peace Action (MAPA) and a core member of 20/20 Action, an Amherst based peace and environmental group. Shelagh has worked for more than three decades on nuclear disarmament, represents Peace Action on the Political Committee of Mass Alliance, and is chair of MAPA’s Iran Task Force. She is also a painter and print maker who has studied art or taught art history at the Cooper Union, Columbia University and the Museum School.

Andi Mullin, Director of the Campaign for Our Communities, has led the struggle to fund our state’s essential public services through progressive taxation. From 2007–2011 Andi was Director of Legislation and Governmental Affairs for the Massachusetts Nurses Association, and before that served as Legislative Agent for AFSCME Council 93. She has also been in the leadership of other progressive groups ranging from Mass Alliance and NOW to the Committee for Boston Public Housing and RESPOND, which provides services to battered women and their children.

The awards our honorees will be given are named after DSA Founding Chair Michael Harrington and A. Philip Randolph, or Gene Debs, Norman Thomas and Julius Bernstein—all democratic socialist leaders of the last century active in the labor, civil rights and peace movements of their time who embody the values DSA seeks to carry on today. These awards have been given since 1977 to honor deserving activists; past recipients include Rand Wilson, Matt Taibbi and Sen. Patricia Jehlen. Admission is $35 ($15 low income), which includes hors d’oeurves and an open bar. So join us on June 7!

Yes! I want to join Boston DSA in honoring Jennifer, Shelagh and Andi!
Ticket Information

Purchase tickets online by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Low Income/Fixed Income: Includes One Admission Regular: Includes One Admission Supporter: Includes One Admission Patron: Includes Two Admissions Benefactor: Includes Five Admissions

Supporter ticket purchases include a free listing in the event journal in the September Yankee Radical. If you’d like to give a special greeting, go HERE.

Because of the activist work we do, donations to Boston DSA are not tax deductable.

Unhitched: The Trial of Christopher Hitchens (CANCELLED)

This event has been cancelled due to the manhunt for the Patriots’ Day murderers, which has temporarily shut down the city. 

Comrades, Boston will persevere.

Presentation and Q&A with author Richard Seymour

Chris Hitchens photo

Chris Hitchens

6:30PM April 19, 2013 Encuentro 5/TecsChange 9B Hamilton Place, Ste 2A Boston MA 02108 Park St T Stop – Hamilton place is the alley with the Orpheum Theatre at the end of it – one block toward Govt. Ctr beyond Winter St.  2nd buzzer from the bottom This event is free and open to the public. See Facebook Event Page. Join Richard Seymour, one of Britain’s leading young radical intellectuals and principal contributor to the popular blog, Lenin’s Tomb, for a discussion of his recent book, Unhitched: The Trial of Christopher Hitchens. In his younger years, a career-minded socialist, Hitchens emerged from the smoke of 9/11 a neoconservative “Marxist,” an advocate of America’s invasion of Iraq filled with passionate intensity. Throughout his life, he played the role of universal gadfly, whose commitment to the truth transcended the party line as well as received wisdom. But how much of this was imposture? In this highly critical study, Richard Seymour casts a cold eye over the career of the “Hitch” to uncover an intellectual trajectory determined by expediency and a fetish for power, which is also a cautionary tale for our times. RICHARD SEYMOUR: One of Britain’s leading young radical intellectuals, Richard is the principal contributor to Lenin’s Tomb (http://www.leninology.com/), one of the UK’s most popular blogs. A regular columnist for the Guardian, Seymour is also the author four books, most recently “American Insurgents: A Brief History of American Anti-Imperialism” (Haymarket 2012) and “Unhitched: The Trial of Christopher Hitchens” (Verso 2013). He is a founding member of the International Socialist Network. Verso Books page on this event: http://www.versobooks.com/events/631-unhitched-the-trial-of-christopher-hitchens Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/507488359286431/?fref=ts Sponsored by: Verso Books Haymarket Books Encuentro 5 Mass Global Action Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture Series Open Media Boston Democratic Socialists of America International Socialist Organization

Author and former Boston DSAer Peter Dreier on Boston Tour

Peter Dreier

Peter Dreier was an active Boston DSA member in the 1980s when he taught at Tufts.  He served for nine years as Director of Housing at the Boston Redevelopment Authority and senior policy advisor to Boston Mayor Ray Flynn, before moving to Occidental College in Los Angeles, where he is Director of the Urban and Environmental Policy Department.  Peter will give several talks in Boston area next week based on his book: The 100 Greatest Americans of the 20th Century: A Social Justice Hall of Fame.     The schedule is: Monday, April 22 at 4PM. – Brandeis University. Rapaporte Treasure Hall in Goldfarb Library. Tuesday, April 23 at 3PM – Boston University. CAS, Room B36, 725 Commonwealth Avenue. Tuesday April 23 at 7PM Jamaica Plain Forum. First Parish Church, 6 Eliot Street in Jamaica Plain. Wednesday, April 24 at 6PM – Harvard University. Kennedy School of Government, (Room to be determined) The book on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/100-Greatest-Americans-20th-Century/dp/1568586817 Dreier on Tavis Smiley: http://www.tavissmileyradio.com/peter-dreier-the-100-greatest-americans/ Dreier on Huff Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/peter-dreier/great-americans_b_1683417.html

The Crisis of Student Debt – Audio Podcast

with Jackie Sewell of Young Democratic Socialists

Listen! Podcast

Four years ago, debt, in the form of unsustainable mortgage lending, crashed the entire global economy. Crises of debt are looming in at least four other economic sectors, also: credit card debt, as people struggle to stay afloat in a “jobless recovery”; health care debt, caused by rising health care costs and a predatory private insurance system, and student debt. College costs are rising rapidly, and state and federal government support for higher education has been slashed, resulting in been a generation of college graduates staggering under a crippling burden of debt. Jackie Sewell is the National Youth Organizer for DSA’s youth section, Young Democratic Socialists. She was recently interviewed on the topic of Student Debt on Occupy Boston Radio’s Free School University program. You can listen to or download an audio recording of the program at the Free School University blog.